A word cloud of my research to date.

Work in Progress

  • How Does Physical Climate Risk Affect Bank Performance in Emerging Markets? Evidence from Uganda (with Nicola Ranger)

  • Blended Finance for Nature (with Nicola Ranger)

  • Urban Expansion and Drivers of Emmissions in African Cities (with Samira Barzin, Oliver Harman, and Capucine Riom)

  • The Labour Market Impacts of Green Industrial Policy in South Africa: Evidence From Job Advert Data (with Sam Fankhauser and Sugandha Srivastav)

  • Mitigating the Impact of Global Food Price Shocks: Pass-throughs and Fiscal Policy Strategies for Climate Vulnerable Countries (with Fulvia Marotta and Jasper Verschuur)

  • Exposure to Deforestation: How Robust are Socioeconomic Estimates to Variability in Spatial Data? (with Stafford Nichols and Stephan Dietrich)

Policy Briefs and Reports

  • Ranger, N., Weidinger, M., Bernhofen, M., Burke, M., Lambin, R., Puranasamriddhi, A., Sabuco, J., and Spacey Martin, R. (2024). Mobilising Finance for Adaptation and Nature-Based Infrastructure: Maximising the Impact of Public Resources. Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.

  • Ranger,N., Lambin, R. Verschuur, J., Weidinger, M., Briffa, G., and Sabuco, J. (2024). Toward UK systemic resilience to international cascading climate risks: Infrastructure and Natural Capital: A primer. Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.


  • Weidinger, M. (2023). Does Exposure to Deforestation Affect Subjective Well-Being? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. Master’s Thesis in Economic and Financial Research. [paper] [bib]

  • Weidinger, M. (2021). Child Labour in Response to Climate Change. Master’s Thesis in Public Policy and Human Development. [paper] [code] [bib]

Earlier Work on European Politics

  • Senge, P., and Weidinger, M. (2020). MEP’s Receptiveness to Third Country Interests in the Framework of ACP-EU Parliamentary Diplomacy. NORTIA. [paper] [media] [bib]

  • Weidinger, M. (2019). Ethno-national Confrontation and Electoral Choice. Peace and Progress 4(1), 3-29. [paper] [code] [bib]