Hello! I am a Research Assistant with the Development Economics Group at ETH Zurich. I study how to meaningfully measure people’s lived economic realities, including poverty and inequality, and how people’s livelihoods are affected by threats like armed conflict, disease or Climate Change.

Some of my recent work includes estimating the impact of global warming on children’s labour supply in rural Nigeria, analyzing graduate student’s motives to switch specialization tracks, and comparing the long term benefits of early work with those of education throughout different economic environments. Holding a BA in European Studies, I have also worked on EU foreign affairs and polarized electoral contests.

Large data sets, spatial information and time trends are common to most of my projects. Therefore, I mostly code in R and occasionally dabble with Python and Julia. When I’m not working, you might find me running a trail, reading popular science books, watering my plants, or cooking with (and for) friends and family.

Before I came to Zurich, I was a Project Assistant at UNU-MERIT and studied at Maastricht University.